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Instant quotes with engineering, materials, 3D models and more.


Patiosmith is a purpose-driven application designed for dealers and retailers who quote custom, complex or turnkey solutions like patio covers, screen wall systems, and enclosures. See below for an overview or visit the product website for details.

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Quick Quote Creation

Quick And Easy Quoting

Patiosmith was designed to make it easy and quick to create a quote with valid engineering, design variations and other features that maximize the number of error-free quotes one person can create.

  • Create Quotes in-app or receive customer specs from a webform
  • Simple, guided processes for creating quotes for different products from different suppliers
  • Rules, validations and instant feedback to ensure valid quotes are created.

2D and 3D Models

Patiosmith instantly generate 2D drawings and interactive 3D models for your products. These can be exported as PDFs to attach with your quotes or provided in real-time to your customers in our customer portal.

Quick Quote Creation
Quick Quote Creation

Automated Design

Quotes are re-engineered everytime a change is made from the 'bottom-up' - generating the complete design of the product based on an up-to-date materials list. Everything from the wind and snow load requirements to pricing is done for you, right down to the list of materials required and even the cuts that are required before shipment or on-site by the customer, dealer or installer.

Validation Rules

Patiosmith will generate a robust and verbose set of warnings, recommendations and notifications based on the quote specifications. This may include critical issues that require design changes, warnings to review information that may be missing, and notifications for options or parts that were included or substituted to best meet the requirements.

Quick Quote Creation

Fully Customizable

The app currently has over 50 configurable options to generate quotes for patio covers, enclosures, screen wall systems, and windows. This includes default templates to pre-fill everything for common orders and the ability to create your own templates.

New products and supplier relationships are being developed to expand the products that Patiosmith can quote.

"White Labelled" Collateral

All of the PDFs, exported quotes, materials lists, cut sheets and installation manuals can be branded by you for a seamless presentation to your customers.

Quick Quote Creation

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